Zeno Clash II gets some new screens, original game gets a sale

by: Russell -
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ACE Team and Atlus have recently provided some new screenshots for their upcoming first-person brawler Zeno Clash II.  Along with the screens, they have also provided a special offer for those who haven't played the original game yet.  For one week only, you can get the original Zeno Clash on Xbox Live Arcade for 50% off, marking the game down to just 800 MS Points.  However, what I didn't see in the news posting was that you can also get Zeno Clash on sale over on Steam...for a mere $1. Yep, Zeno Clash is on sale over on Steam for $0.99 until January 5th, which is 90% off the normal price of $9.99.  Can't pass up that deal!

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