ZeniMax and Mojang settle dispute over "Scrolls"

by: Travis -
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Everyone across the world can stop holding their breaths, ZeniMax Media and Mojang have finally settled their trademark dispute over the word "Scrolls." ZeniMax cried fowl because the word "Scrolls" was used in their popular game franchise, The Elder Scrolls, and thus the entire world would have believed that Mojang was creating the sequel to Skyrim. In the settlement, ZeniMax has received ownership of "Scrolls" and is allowing Mojang to use it in their digital card just this one time. So now a future possibility might entail ZeniMax creating a sequel titled "Scrolls 2" just to spite Mojang (sarcasm). I completely agree with companies protecting their brands and such, but this trademark dispute has to win some award for most boring game news of 2011/2012.
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