Zelda Skyward Sword bundles getting scarce

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you had your eye on the limited edition Zelda Skyward Sword bundle--you know, the one that comes with a gold Wii remote--you better find one fast. Unlike some publishers, when Nintendo says limited edition they're serious about the "limited" part. I was lucky enough to get mine on launch day but most of the retailers I've scouted and talked to--Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, several smaller local game stores--were sold out before Black Friday and according to them they won't be getting any more in. The usual scalping is going on on Ebay and Amazon so that's always a possibility, but I was just surprised to see them go so damn fast.

If you see one of these bundles actually on a store shelf it might be prudent to snap it up. It's just frustrating to see stacks of Halo Reach Legendary boxes collecting dust in the middle of a Best Buy show floor when the Zelda collector's bundle is nowhere to be found, especially when multiple people on your holiday gift list really want it.

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