Your screwed up lineage is coming to consoles: Rogue Legacy to PS4 and Vita

by: Jeremy -
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During Sony’s Gamescom presser yesterday, quite a bit of time was spent on the indie market and all of the various titles tat are making the shift to the PS4 and Vita. One of the titles in particular, that got me incredibly excited, is none other than Cellar Door’s Rogue Legacy. Surely you have heard of this twisted and fantastic game by now as everyone has been raving about it since it was released on Steam back in June.

The game has you exploring a randomly generated dungeon in search of four different bosses. You can’t do it all on your own because death is inevitable. All of your gold and enhancements that you accumulate will be passed on to one of three heirs, each with their own special “issues”. Its hilarious, politically incorrect, and completely addicting. It is available now for the PC and OnLive and I have been anxiously awaiting a chance of it coming to consoles. This is definitely a day one buy on the Vita for me!

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