Your mom said video games were bad for your eyes ... (NES Games controlled by eye motion)

by: Ben Berry -
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Remember how your mom used to say "Don't sit so close to the TV, you'll hurt your eyes?" Of course, this was long before the days of spending countless hours playing any number of console games. Little did she knows that building up all that eye strength staring at the screen would someday pay off in the form of being able to move little Mario around on the screen with the strength of your retina muscles (and a little turn of your neck here and there).

Introducing Waterloo Labs, and their technological breakthrough using a series of electrodes and high technology to connect you to a ...Super NES? That's right.... it's back to the future here in gaming world as body control of a game goes old school.

So, while you're sitting at home tonight flailing your arms around to play MarioKart; remember that in the not to distant future, you could be doing the same thing with your head.
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