Your Direct2Drive bestselling titles are...

by: Marissa -
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During the week of October 25th to October 31st, the following titles sold the most copies on Direct2Drive:

1       Borderlands     2K Games      
2       Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition (Preorder)   Electronic Arts
3       Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Ed. w/ Prima Guide (Preorder)        Electronic Arts
4       Torchlight      Runic Games   
5       Tropico 3       Kalypso Media 
6       Dragon Age: Origins (Preorder)  Electronic Arts
7       Civilization 4: The Complete Edition    2K Games      
8       Aion    NCSoft
9       Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (Halloween Promo)  Activision    
10      Risen   Deep Silver   

Amateur marketing analysis tells me that people enjoy frightening things around Halloween. Yes, I am available for hire.
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