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It seems like it really doesn't take long for expansion packs to come out these days. As someone who has been involved in the software development process for the better part of the past 15 years, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Expansion packs are really features that the developers couldn't get done on schedule for the original release. Especially when you see one or two expansion packs, ripe with additional content in the first 60 or so days after a game comes out.

The just announced content for Just Cause 2 is a prime example. A bunch of new weapons and abilities released across 2 expansion packs (Black Market Aerial Pack, Black Market Boom Pack) in just 60 days after the game. What this means is that testing didn't finish in time for the items in first expansion, and development had just started on the items in the second expansion when the game went "gold" and was off to the disc duplication company.

Read the details on the 2 expansion packs and what you get in each and remember these probably were meant to be features in the game. Now, because some developers worked too slow you get to pay extra for them. Congratulations.
Available this spring, the breakneck ‘Black Market Aerial Pack’ and the explosive ‘Black Market Boom Pack’ each contain three must-have Agency items for causing maximum chaos on the island of Panau.
Available from April 29th, the ‘Black Market Aerial Pack’ is the ultimate accessory for airborne agents. Taking full advantage of Just Cause 2’s vertical gameplay, the pack is the perfect partner for aerial devastation, containing:
•                    F-33 Dragon Fly Jet Fighter: a versatile attack aircraft, equipped with twin missiles and quad-mounted mini-guns
•                    Multi-lock Missile Launcher: a devastating weapon of destruction featuring laser-guided auto-lock on up to four targets
•                    Parachute Dual Thrusters: twin parachute-mounted jets which transform Rico’s trademark parachute into one of the most nimble and powerful attack platforms.
Following on May 25th, the ‘Black Market Boom Pack’ fills a gap in the market for the agent with little concern for collateral damage. With three experimental and highly volatile prototype weapons, the pack is the final word in wide-scale carnage, featuring:
•                    Quad Rocket Launcher: half shotgun, half rocket launcher, all carnage
•                    Cluster Bomb Launcher: the natural successor to the grenade launcher
•                    Air Propulsion Gun: a highly experimental jet-powered blast weapon, powerful enough to send vehicles and soldiers skywards.
Available for €1.99/$1.99 from the PlayStation®Store and Steam, and 160 MS Points from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace, the Just Cause 2 ‘Black Market Aerial Pack’ and the ‘Black Market Boom Pack’ will be available from April 29th and May 26th respectively for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows®.
More information is available on the official website at Alongside the latest Just Cause 2 news and announcements, players can register their gamertag, username or PSN ID to check out their stats on the Community Leaderboards and find out how they fare against a world of players.
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