You got zombies in my Ninja Gaiden!

by: Jeremy -
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Team Ninja has revealed their latest project in advance of the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. A collaboration between Tecmo’s Team Ninja, Keiji Inafune, and Spark Unlimited, Ninja Gaiden Z is an even darker take on the classic series.

While the details are still lacking, the game takes the Ninja Gaiden series and infuses it with a heavy dose of undead. The series is adopting a new look in the style of cell-shaded, Japanese anime style imagery, which should lend to some awesome visuals. There are some brief glimpses of the gameplay in the reveal trailer shown below and what is seen appears to be classic Ninja Gaiden through and through.

More information regarding the game is expected when the Tokyo Game Show kicks off tomorrow. Who knows if this is just intended for a Japanese release or perhaps a worldwide launch... time will tell. Until then check out the trailer below:

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