You got your Goldeneye 64 in my Perfect Dark HD

by: Jeremy -
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 We have all waited years to see the Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye 64 re-released in some form or another.  Rumors have placed it on both the Virtual Console and the Xbox Live Arcade numerous times, but they have never come to fruition, and likely never will.  Rare and Microsoft hope to give you a little taste of the classic game though with the upcoming Perfect Dark HD for the Xbox Live Arcade.  In an interview with Kotaku at DICE 2010, Microsoft's Ken Lobb let it be known that many of Goldeneye's weapons and stages will be included in the multiplayer modes of Perfect Dark HD.
The levels, Felicity, and Complex to be specific, were actually in the original Perfect Dark game as a tribute and will be included in the remake.  In addition, the game will contain some special unlockable weapons based on those which appeared in Goldeneye.  Many of the weapons will undergo "slight" name changes for copyright reasons (I assume), but you should recognize many of them when you obtain them in the game.  Now, if we can just get Rare / Microsoft and Nintendo on the same page for a total re-release of Goldeneye.  I can wish can't I...
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