You got some DCU in my ME2... hey that rhymed!

by: Jeremy -
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That's DC as in DC Unlimited and ME2 as in Mass Effect 2.  DC Unlimited has revealed their upcoming lineup of Mass Effect 2 themed action figures to go along with BioWare's highly anticipated sequel.  The figures themselves are not set to launch until August 25, 2010, but retailers have begun receiving promotion and solicitation material for the products.  The Gamervision website was the first site to take the solicitation material public and give gamers a glimpse of the first series of figures from the line (shown below).  The first series will consist of four figures: Grunt (6.8" tall), Shepard (6.75" tall), Tali (6.65" tall), and Thane (6.75" tall). 

Is the Shepard figure really accurate since you design your own character in the game?  What if my Shepard was a girl? 

There is no official word on either the price or points of articulation for the figures at this time.  Hopefully the Mass Effect 2 line will be just as high quality as DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft and Afro Samurai figures but only time will tell...

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