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You can now order Pizza Hut from your Xbox 360

by: Nathan -
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Why cant I stop laughing at this story? This is two days in a raw now that ive laughed at stories involving food and Xbox 360. Yesterday Kirk Hamilton over at Kotaku informed us that his Xbox dashboard had an advertisement loop of people eating McDonalds food and today we bring you the news that you can now order Pizza from Pizza Hut from your Xbox 360

Starting today you can download the Pizza Hut app to your 360 and start ordering all the pizza, pasta, wings and breadsticks you want! For the next two weeks, all purchases made through the app will get a 15% discount. If you are one of the two people in the world left using Kinect well you can also use Kinect motion and voice controls to create your ultimate pizza for order. 

?So yeah... go order some pizza... with your Xbox... lol