You can now join the Lost Saga open beta

by: Marissa -
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Lost Saga, an MMO fighter from OGPlanet, is now in the open beta phase. Heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and history partcipate in the brawl in this free-to-play title. Skirmishes take place over a variety of modes, including capture-the-flag and king of the hill type battles.
"We're thrilled to bring such a fighting game as unique as Lost Saga to the U.S. under our free-to-play model," said Sangchul Park, CEO of OGPlanet. "From day one, Lost Saga will provide players with immersive, richly varied gameplay, and we will be rapidly expanding the game, adding new heroes, maps, battle modes and more. In fact, we plan to have more than 100 heroes available throughout the game's lifespan, adding an incredible level of depth that is rarely seen in many casual online games these days."
To join the open beta, head to

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