You can never get enough Worms!

by: Jeremy -
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Perhaps I am just partial to the series, but I don’t think that you can ever have too many of Team 17‘s Worms games. That is why the announcement of a completely new entry into the series, Worms Revolution, truly brightens my day.
The game, which is expected to be released on both the PC and home consoles later this year, is a brand new game that has been developed fresh from the ground up. Worms Revolution will be powered by a completely new game engine crafted by the crew at Team 17 and bring just as many new elements to the game as it keeps old ones. While the environments and backgrounds have a 3D look to them, the game will maintain the classic 2D-side perspective, which is truly the only way a Worms game should be played.
You can check out the first trailer for the new game right here:

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