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Filled with more one-liners than you can shake a JRPG stick at ("Come one, come all!  We've got a special on 'bloody murder' today!"  "Waiting for inevitable death?  That is your 'peace'?") Yggdra Union is forming up for the PSP this September 16th.  This one's completely rebuilt for the PSP, with a lengthy list of new content and features, as well as multiple endings.

Yggdra Union PSP



Yggdra Union PSP


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Yggdra Union PSP













Dear Atlus Faithful,


I gave you hints, I really did.  Go back and look at the last couple Faithful communiques and look at the first letters of some of the words in the final paragraphs.  Oh well.


The time for teasing is over... it's time we show our hand:







Yggdra Union PSP







Atlus is excited to unveil Yggdra Union for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), a thrilling mix of turn-based strategy, real-time action, and oh what the heck, a bit of card-based combat as well.


Yggdra Union PSP Trailer


Click above for the official Yggdra Union trailer!


Yggdra Union for PSP is more than just a straight port.  Completely remastered to take full advantage of the visual and aural power of the PlayStation®Portable, this ground-up remake delivers higher quality artwork and sound, widescreen aspect ratio, a bilingual (English and Japanese) voice track, an all-new difficulty setting, and more.

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How much more?   Well, how about new characters to play as and unlock, new missions to complete, multiple endings... it's a rather lengthy list.





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Nothing like getting exactly what you wanted, eh, Atlus Faithful?  As always, there'll be more released about Yggdra Union over the coming weeks, so be sure to check the game's official website frequently.


Have a splendiferous week!




Atlus Aram

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