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Yet another darkspawn fiend in Dragon Age expansion

by: Tina -
More On: Dragon Age: Origins
I’ve been playing some of Dragon Age: Origins upcoming expansion Awakening in preparation to present you all with a review sometime in the near future. So far, I have yet to meet this newest character reveal.

The Architect was the first of the darkspawn to have will, and he looks to be a formidable opponent. You can look below for a video and some screens of him. I personally think the design looks awesome, and I’m happy to see some variation in the darkspawn.

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On March 16th, you will begin the task of rebuilding the Wardens’ Keep in the upcoming expansion Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. Your task will not be easy. We present one of your foremost enemies, bent on your destruction and failure: the Architect.

The Architect is a particularly deadly foe – maintaining all of the attributes of regular darkspawn slime, but with upgrades. A highly sentient being with a peculiar mindset, the Architect will represent a great challenge to your quest to reestablish a Grey Warden stronghold in the land.


The Architect is the first darkspawn to develop a will of his own--an unusual outcast who seems not to be subject to the call of the Old Gods, nor to the other darkspawn compulsions. Although he is highly intelligent, the Architect has little understanding of humanity. Treating him as anything other than what he is—a darkspawn—would be folly.