Yes, there are strategic weekend Impulse deals

by: Chad -
More On: Supreme Commander Crazy Machines Europa Universalis III Demigod Crazy Machines 2
You were all concerned for nothing.  Impulse will has a number of deals that are available this weekend.  The discounts are mostly on strategy titles and include the following:
  • Supreme Commander Gold Edition - 50% off
  • Demigod - 50% off
  • Crazy Machines - 25% off
  • Crazy Machines 1.5 - 25% off
  • Crazy Machines Bundle (includes 1, 1.5 and 2) - 25% off
  • Europa Universalis games - 70% off
  • Space Rangers 2 - 75% (today only)
See, I told you they were all about strategy.  However, that's not the entire list.  Click here to see all of the titles that have been discounted.  Is there anything here that's good enough to make you click "buy"?
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