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More On: Lord of the Rings Online: Lost Legends of Eriador
Turbine announced today that the newest content update for The Lord of the Rings Online has been released today; it's called Lost Legends of Eriador.  To go along with the new content, a new batch of screen shots have been released as well; they show the new Halls of Night instance.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Lost Legends of Eriador features two new 3-player instances: the aforementioned Halls of Night (lvls 40-65) and Inn of the Forsaken (lvls 20-65) and two new skirmishes: Attack at Dawn (lvl 30-65) and Icy Crevasse (lvl 40-65).  
New to the LOTRO Store is new outfit slots, the ability to respec your Skirmish Marks, and the Scroll of Combination that raises your critical success rate to 25% when you combine relics at the relic forge.

Check it all out on the web here.

Turbine Launches The Lord of the Rings Online, Update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador!
The challenges continue in Update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador! Update 3 brings two new 3-player instances and two new skirmishes! Plus, a host of new items in the LOTRO store will grant you the necessities you need to defend the good folk of Middle-earth.
Two New 3-Player Instances

· Halls of Night: Level 40-65 - This story draws from the tales of Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin and their experiences within the Barrow-downs. Nightmare, an ancient Barrow-wight, has trapped your spirit within his mysterious dreamscape. To wake you must battle against the evil that haunts this dream realm, or risk sleeping forever!
· Inn of the Forsaken: Level 20-65 - Tales have spread across Bree and the Lonelands of the noises that fill the Forsaken Inn when the moon is high. Travelers tell stories of a stolen ruby necklace hidden within a maze of twisted caves and protected by traps, riddles, guardians who never sleep, and a ship marooned deep underground.

Two New Skirmishes

· Attack at Dawn: Level 30-65 - Esteldín has long been a hidden training ground for Rangers and Free People against Angmar. It is a site the enemy has been desperate to discover and stamp out. While many scouts have been stopped, a lone goblin has learned the location of Esteldín and reported it to his masters. You must venture into the hills of Dol Dinen, and confront the attacking force before it can threaten the sanctity of Esteldín.
· Icy Crevasse: Level 40-65 - With the aid of the Gauradan and Dourhands, Angmar is planning its next attack! By funneling icy winds through the great Forochel crevasse and down into Evendim, they plan to freeze the lake and march straight through Tinnudir to Annúminas. You must head to the frozen North and stop this sorcerer, before the chill winds freeze everything.

New in the LOTRO Store

· More Slots! - Two new Cosmetic Outfits slots are available up to a total of five slots
· Reset your Skirmish Marks! - Using this scroll will refund all skirmish marks you have spent on skirmish traits.
· Get more Criticals at the relic forge! - The Scroll of Combination increases your 'Critical Success' chance to 25% while combining relics at the relic forge.
· And other updates:
The skirmish Reconnaissance Report now lasts 60 minutes instead of 15!
Try the new Combat Run Speed Boost, and sprint while in combat!

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