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Xbox One Day One pre-orders not quite gone

by: Dan -
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Earlier this month, when it was announced that the Xbox One would launch on November 22nd, there was also a mention in that announcement that all Day One pre-orders had been sold out at retail.  I have been scouring the internet checking major retailers and that appeared to be true from what I could find.  However, I have found one store where you can still pre-order a bundled Day One Xbox One and it is available for Nov 22nd delivery.  If you head over to Target.com, you can get the Xbox One Day One edition, an Extra Controller and Forza Motorsports 5 for $619.97.  If you choose to pay for expedited shipping (extra $9) and with tax, you can get it delivered to your house on Friday, Nov 22nd.  While some may balk at the extra $119 over retail for just the console, the game and controller are normally $60 each, so you really are just paying for things you would want at launch anyway (assuming you like Forza).  Anyways, time is running out, and if you are on the fence and want it at launch, head here to grab one of the last remaining pre-orders or wait in line on launch day.