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Quite a few items were added to Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox 360 today.  Included were The Animatrix Picture Pack, a new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean and a slew of new Video Marketplace content.  Thanks to Major Nelson for the updates,  For complete details, look after the jump:
Name: The Animatrix Picture Pack
Price: 80 Points
Availability: Xbox Live members in the U.S.
Dash Details: Download gamer pictures from the groundbreaking anime series, The Animatrix. Don't forget to check out The Complete Matrix Trilogy Themes too! The Complete Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD will be available in stores on 5/22.
NamePirates of the Carribbean Launch Trailer (HD)
Price: Free
Availability: Xbox Live members in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.
Dash Details: Live and die by the sword! Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is inspired by the events, environments and characters surrounding the second and third installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Players must demonstrate their cunning, swashbuckling creativity and swordsmanship as they encounter all manner of crazed pirates and cursed creatures in treacherous, exotic locations. Play as the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann to prevent Jack’s dark past from catching up with him. Enjoy sword-assisted acrobatics, adaptive combat and classical dueling in unique gameplay. Experience the Pirates of the Caribbean world in never-before-seen detail, going beyond the films’ events and storylines to introduce new locations, an extended story, legendary pirates and a unique ending.
Name: Video Marketplace content
The Groomsmen
Corrupted Minds
Dead Mary (HD)
Flags of our Fathers in HD

The Animatrix - First Episode free this week.
There is additional Animatrix content that will be free with specially marked Matrix HD DVD’s

Friends S4 & 5
Gamehead S4
Tornado Intercept
Tsunami: Killer Wave
Violent Earth
Volcano: Nature's Inferno
World's Most Dangerous Gang
Basketball Diplomacy from Mao to Yao
Cameramen Who Dared
Eternal Enemies: Lions & Hyenas
FBI, The
Is It Real (6 eps)
MegaStructures: Mega Plane
Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
Search for Kennedy's PT-109
The War Next Door
Through the Lens
Asteroids: Deadly Impact
Land of the Anaconda
Lost Subs: Disaster at Sea
National Geographic's Most Amazing Moments
National Geographic's Most Thrilling Moments
Tiger Shark: Predator Revealed

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