Xbox 720 and PS4 may be less than a year away.

by: Nathaniel -
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I know Christmas just ended, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start worrying about it, does it?  I hope not, because it looks like both next gen systems could be announced as soon as March and be poised for an epic battle this coming Christmas.  

Santa Claus is going to have a nervous breakdown.

According to (via and Game Informer), both Sony and Microsoft are planning an "Apple-style" announcement event that will happen before the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March.

Another tidbit from the original Game Informer article (that I can't find a link to) is that Sony may try to get the PS4 out before the Xbox 720 in an attempt to gain any kind of advantage it can just like Microsoft did with the Xbox 360.  

Whatever happens, I'm both excited and a little worried.  New consoles mean new IPs and hot new graphics, but I love my Xbox 360 and PS3 and am not ready to replace them.  Honestly, I'd rather see improvements to existing consoles rather than brand new ones, but what do it know?  All I know for sure is that my wallet will be seeking treatment for anxiety and depression along with Santa Claus.  Maybe they can be roommates. 
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