Xbox 360 updated

by: Chuck -
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Apparently there's a new patch for the Xbox 360 ready and waiting for owners on Xbox Live right now.  The interesting part is that there really aren't a lot of details on what it does except for this blurb

"The March 2006 Xbox 360™ update will prepare your Xbox 360 console for future system and title updates. This free* update is available to all Xbox Live® members. Your console will be updated the next time you sign in to Xbox Live."

Interesting that my system has to be prepared for future updates, why not just wait for that update to happen and bundle them together?  Maybe this paves the way for the new Call of Duty 2 patch, maybe it adds support for one of the many Xbox 360 games coming out in the next month. It would be nice of MS to actually let us know what they are doing to OUR hardware but maybe that's just me. 

Thanks for the tip, Major Nelson.
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