Xbox 360 launch lineup officially announced

by: Chuck -
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Microsoft has officially announced which titles will launch with the system next week.  The official list is
 - Kameo: Elements of Power
 - Perfect Dark Zero
 - Project Gotham Racing 3
 - Call of Duty 2
 - Quake IV
 - NHL 2K6
 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted
 - Madden NFL 06
 - Peter Jackson's King Kong
 - Gun
 - Condemned: Criminal Origins
 - NBA 2K6
 - Ridge Racer 6
 - American Wasteland
 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
 - FIFA 06

It's not that bad of a line-up all things considered.  Most of the major genres are covered and there is a good bit of diversity out there.  I'm planning on picking up Condemned, PGR3, and NHL2K6 to start with and then pick up PDZ and Madden after I get through the first batch of games. 

Thanks to Major Nelson for the heads up.
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