Xbox 360 Elite official....we can all get on with our lives now

by: Chuck -
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Microsoft has officially unveiled the Elite version of the Xbox 360.  As far as surprises go this ranks just below finding out that Anna Nicole Smith's death was drug related.  We still don't have the PR but the Gamerscore blog has the full scoop on the system.  There are no real surprised in the announcement and the system will feature a 120 GB hard drive (sold by itself for for $180) and a HDMI port and will come in a nice shade of black.  The new system will cost you $480.   You'll be able to purchase matching black controllers for the units as well. 

There's no mention of this being a limited edition or of the premium version of the system going away anytime soon.  Early adopters who didn't see Microsoft "pulling a Nintendo" can now proceed to the internet message board of their choice and begin complaining.  Personally, I'm going to bed.
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