Xbox 360 Chatpad working on a PC

by: John -
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You can use a wired Xbox 360 controller on the PC easily since it's just a USB connection but what about that little Chatpad that's been floating around. I use it when I'm texting folks while gaming on my 360, but PC folks can't use it all because there are no drivers for the thing. You might be wondering why you would want to have the Chatpad work on the PC, well some people use the 360 controller to game with on the computer and it would be nice to have the keyboard at the fingertips for games or replying to IMs via Steam or some other program.

Well, it looks like that's been taken care of as well as some drivers have been posted by a developer that lets you use this little texting device on the PC. The drivers are going to be updated and right now, it looks like the wireless gamepad isn't supported yet, but hopefully it'll get there soon. To be honest, I never gave a thought about having the Chatpad work on the PC, but once they are able to get it working with a wireless controller, I'm going to be checking it out for sure.
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