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One of the PSP's problems in its waning years was that it only had niche JRPGs, and pretty much nothing else of note coming out for it. XSEED is moving quickly to save the Vita from that fate with Sumioni: Demon Arts. A launch window title, the game is an action platformer that will use a hybrid of traditional and touch screen controls.

You play as an ink demon in a side-scrolling world styled in Japanese sumi-e watercolor.  I've really liked toe sumi-e style ever since Okami, and it sounds like Sumioni is taking a page out of Okami's playbook by letting you draw on the screen to manipulate the world. Definitely a game to keep your eyes on.

XSEED Games to Publish Action Platformer Title Sumioni: Demon Arts on PlayStation®Vita system Next Year

Unique Touch-to-Draw Action Combat Platformer Title Combines PlayStation®Vita system Touchscreen Features with Traditional Game Controls

Torrance, Calif., (December 14, 2011) – XSEED Games, an independent-minded publisher, is pleased to announce today that the company will be bringing the innovative action platformer title, Sumioni: Demon Arts, to North America in Spring 2012 for the upcoming PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system. Developed by ACQUIRE, Sumioni: Demon Arts is a 2D combat platformer title that uses the PS Vita system touchscreen to help manipulate the game’s world.

“We are extremely pleased to be publishing a unique and artistically distinct game like Sumioni: Demon Arts as a PlayStation Vita launch window title,” said Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games. “Sumioni takes advantage of the PS Vita’s available control schemes unlike any other title, and its touch-to-draw game mechanics are sure to dazzle gamers looking for something original and exciting to show off just what this new portable system can do.”

In Sumioni – which is literally translated from Japanese as “ink demon” – players take control of their own Sumioni ink demon who has been summoned to rid the land of evil, and are tasked with safely guiding him through 2D side-scrolling levels. Visuals are presented using a crisp, hand-painted traditional “sumi-e” ink style and a color palette that lends itself well to the game’s feudal Japanese setting. Throughout their journey, players will encounter enemy samurai, long-range bowmen and other obstacles that must be overcome using the unique controls of the PS Vita system.

While the Sumioni himself is controlled through traditional means, players can also manipulate the touchscreen itself to paint artistic brushstrokes across the playfield that their Sumioni can then jump on to traverse obstacles and avoid enemies. Each finger stroke is presented on screen as a paintbrush stroke over the background canvas of the game. This allows players to manipulate the game’s environment on-the-fly, creating solutions to problems as they arise. Various brushes can be used to create unique effects, and a scratch of the finger on the screen can set objects (and enemies) on fire, cast lightning down from the heavens or summon elemental beasts for massive, screen-filling attacks. By combining the use of several brushes on the screen simultaneously, players have a myriad of options with which to tackle obstacles and strike down foes.

Sumioni: Demon Arts, developed by ACQUIRE and published by XSEED Games, is currently in production and will release on the PS Vita system in Spring 2012. Boasting 30 stages and multiple endings, Sumioni offers completionists plenty to look forward to. XSEED Games will be sending out more product info in the coming months.
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