XMBC on OUYA? Awesome!

by: John -
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If I wasn't running Windows Media Center, I'd definitely be running XMBC. It's an awesome front end for media. I mean just check this video out:

So the OUYA's been getting more and more support and now, that $99 I pledged is going to be that much more awesome. The folks behind XMBC have pledged support and will customize their app to work with the Kickstarting console.

And just like that, my investment into the console has more than paid off as that's exactly what I wanted it for. Even if a single game doesn't come out for it, this box will do more than what I want and need and at a very, very affordable price.

See, it's not just about games here. It's more than that. Oh, the games will be nice and I already have an extensive lineup ready to go to use with it via emulators. But between XMBC, TuneIn Radio, and installation of Remote Media Center, I am more than happy with how much I'm going to spend and what I'm going to get.

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