XCOM going back to its roots with Enemy Unknown

by: John -
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OK, I was one that really didn't like the move from turn-based strategy to first person shooter when XCOM was announced. Well this next announcement sure makes it a lot better.

Game Informer's February issue brings forth information on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which gives us a full on strategy game that I thought we'd get when the other XCOM game was announced.

Produced by Firaxis Games, which is a god among strategy game developers, Enemy Unknown will give us the strategy aspect we all know and love along with things such as destructible environments, turn based combat, aliens to take down, and much more.

The game's set to be delivered on the 360, PS3, and PC so a lot of folks are going to be able to experience it. And it's scheduled for this Fall so it won't be too long before we get to play it. Now here's another game I'm going to have to schedule at E3 to check out.

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