XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks great!

by: John -
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Well look it that. You can finally check out the XCOM game that fans have wanted and see what the hoopla is all about. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming from Firaxis, masters of strategy games and you'll see how the game's really evolved from its roots.

The first thing you'll notice is the decidedly more cinematic feel whereby the camera can pan around and show you the action from different angles, not just from a 3/4 perspective. The "Glam cam" really looks like it brings you close to the action and I really loved some of the things they showed.

The base is now, as they described it, sort of like an ant farm. You build from a side view and on top of each other with different facilities as well as seeing the characters in the base interacting with each other.

This is the XCOM game that I am excited about and have longed for. It does look like a great update while keeping what made the original so fun and engaging. You can bet I'll be in line at E3 to check this puppy out.

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