X-Arcade offering up a Wii U adapter for their joysticks

by: John -
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It's been a long time since I've reviewed the X-Arcade stick, but it's one of the better arcade style sticks out there. X-Arcade also produces various adapters that let you plug their products into a wide range of consoles.

With the Wii U coming soon, X-Arcade is ready to ensure you can use their sticks in their system as they have a pre-order of the Wii U Adapter up now. The adapter is a tad expensive though at $59.99, but it'll allow you to use the X-Arcade stick with any game that uses the classic controller. One Wii or Wii U controller will need to be connected per player.

Their order site also has a list of current Wii and WiiWare games that you can use the X-Arcade with. I'm guessing that this will be updated as well as Wii U games become available.

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