Wu vs Wei vs Shu... not a short word battle.. it's Kingdom Heroes PVP

by: Ben Berry -
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One of the toughest challenges when playing Scrabble is to get rid of those last couple letters sitting there in your tray, keeping you from going out and a possible victory. Unfortunately, proper nouns and made up MMO faction names don't count, or Kingdom Heroes would be a source of much joy in the vocabulary battles during family visits.

One thing Aeria Games free-to-play MMO wasn't good for until now was Pvp combat. That's all changing now as each server will have it's own PvP channel allowing members of the games 3 factions to challenge and fight each other at any time, any place during the course of play.

Now that PvP is solved, if I could just convince my mom that Shu is an alternate spelling for footwear...

Battle-Hungry Players Rejoice as Kingdom Heroes’Player versus Player (PvP) Channel Goes Live

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 23, 2010 – Time to let slip the dogs of war – Kingdom Heroes, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) game from Aeria Games, launched its new player versus player (PvP) channel today. The warring factions of the Wu, Wei, and Shu spare no quarter on the new channel - players can now engage in PvP combat anytime, anywhere. Kingdom Heroes has several exciting features, including kingdom wars, city sieges and large-scale naval battles. The dedicated PvP channel on each of the existing servers allows for players who want to engage in the game’s exciting PvP features to get their fill of intense combat action.
Unlike many other MMOs, each Kingdom Heroes server will have a dedicated PvP channel, where players can quickly and easily switch to from the standard player versus environment (PvE) channel. This allows for players to cross between PvP and PvE, so they can play with their friends and other players on a different channel, without limiting their PvP options.
“PvP is a big part of Kingdom Heroes – and we want to ensure that there are always plenty of open-world PvP activities for players to participate in,” said Chip Smith, associate producer at Aeria Games. “Those who’ve played Kingdom Heroes before will know that its PvP features are what put the game apart from the crowd. Our fans let us know that they wanted more PvP opportunities in the game, so we decided to give them a dedicated channel on each server with as much PvP as they can handle.”
Kingdom Heroes, set in the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China, allows players to choose to serve and fight for the kingdom of their choice. Players can employ devastating siege weaponry, command colossal warships, and lead customizable armies to conquer enemy strongholds. Not only does conquering these locations bring honor to the player’s faction, controlling a city yields tax revenue and other bonuses for the player and his or her guild, adding a strategically dynamic system to Kingdom Heroes’ game play.
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