World Leaderboards come to Dota 2

by: Sam -
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A few months back Dota 2 added ranked matchmaking prompting tens of thousands of players to start battling their way to the highest Matchmaking Rating (MMR) possible. Plenty of professional players have managed to get their MMRs into the 5000-7000 range and Valve has finally decided to add a way to keep track of the highest ranked players. The World Leaderboards track the top 200 players from each area of the world. The world of Dota 2 is split into four sectors, Americas, Europe, SE Asia, and China. One look at the board and you will see plenty of pros, and the player with the highest rating in the world at the moment goes by the name of Veldt (6900 MMR). The board updates once a day so expect to see top players moving around frequently. 

I recently started playing ranked matches in Dota 2, but don't expect to see me on this board any time soon. I'm still playing my placement matches and they have not been going well. 


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