Word to the wise: Deus Ex on a modern computer

by: Chad -
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Did you take advantage of the Deus Ex sale on Steam?  Were inspired to dust off your original CD and attempt to play it again?  Either way, things probably looked a little rough or ran weird on your screaming fast, multi-core system.  Have no fear, though, because you're friendly PC gamers are here to help. 

There's a handy post on the Steam forums that lists some fan-made content that will help.  Included in the suggestions are a higher resolution texture pack, different item / character models, and even different lighting methods.  It won't be the Unreal Engine 3.0 remake we would love, but it will make the game run and look better. 

Let me know if this works (or if it doesn't) and feel free to visit the aforementioned forum for assistance.  Happy Deus Ex-ing!

-- END GamingNexus PSA --

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