With these new war machines, aliens in XCOM: Enemy Within are gonna have a bad time

by: Randy -
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Expansion to the best strategy game of last year (sorry, it's not up for debate), XCOM: Enemy Within introduces morally questionable but undeniably awesome upgrades to the turn-based battlefield. It's questionable because, in the baseline game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, scientists look on with horror at the genetically and cybernetically modified aliens splayed on their autopsy tables. And yet here we are, in Enemy Within, genetically and cybernetically altering our own human soldiers, molding them into super soldiers and permanently altering their physiology into something more akin to an ED-209 than a RoboCop. 

But who am I kidding? I want my snipers to have grasshopper jumps to reach a height advantage. I want that mechanical monstrosity that can blow away cover and then drop a Berserker with one punch. I want these war machines putting every xeno out there on the business end of all that nasty new weaponry because science.

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