Windows Mobile running a PSOne emulator

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The iPhone gets a lot of hype for the games it can play. Yes, there are some cool stuff but a lot of people overlook the Windows Mobile platform because the things it can do just isn't advertised as much. For example, I've been able to run C64, Amiga, and NES emulators for quite some time and play games on them with older WinMo phones. I currently own a Touch Pro 2, which so far has done pretty well with the stuff I've thrown at it even though it still has the same processor as the Touch Pro.

Well, the latest and greatest Windows Mobile phone, the HTC HD2, sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 4.3" capacitive touch screen. Below is a video of Tekken 3 running on the thing and you can see, for a .10 emulator called FPSEce, it's doing quite well. You can also pair up a Bluetooth keyboard or controller should you not want to use the onscreen controller. Pretty slick if you ask me. I know most of the staff here own iPhones or iPod Touches but hardware wise, they can't touch the HD2. I'm sure Apple's looking to bring more to the game with the next round of hardware items they are planning.

Thanks Engadget and PPCGeeks.

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