Windows 8 does away with Microsoft Points

by: John -
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One of the more annoying aspects of purchasing items via Microsoft's Xbox Live through either the 360 or Windows 8 is the points system. Really, just give me the cash value and be done with it. No mucking around points. Well, it looks like the points are going away for Windows 8 at least.

The Verge has a story on Microsoft going to displaying the cash value of the product for video and music purchases and rentals. That's a step in the right direction as I doubt a user such as my in laws would want to buy points to then rent a movie. Now, let's see this get pushed on down to the 360 and we'll all be happy. Well, I would be.

The Verge speculates that it could filter down to the 360 with the next dashboard update. I guess we shall see soon enough.
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