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Bitfenix is launching soon and to celebrate, they are holding a contest that can nab you a few things. They are partnering with Gigabyte and GeIL and all you have to do is make a gaming-related video to show off. It can be anything really as long as it's game related so here's your chance to really be creative.

What can you win for your troubles? How about a gaming rig featuring a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4 mobo, 4GB of GeIL DDR3 ram, and the Colossus Bitfenix chassis. You'll also get a chance for just the motherboard or ram for second and third place respectively.

If you can't create a video, you'll also get a chance to win just by voting so no need to fret if you don't have the video skills. You can get more details from their website.
Join the BitFenix Video Challenge

Create a gaming-related video for BitFenix for your chance to win!

(BitFenix Design Lab, April 19, 2010) – Last Monday marked the announcement of BitFenix – a gaming hardware designer that creates hardware and peripherals by connecting directly to gamers and hardware enthusiasts. The feedback so far has been tremendous, and today, BitFenix has a special announcement for BitFenix fans. We are announcing a very special video contest to celebrate the launch of BitFenix and to put some serious hardware into your hands. Together with GIGABYTE and GeIL, the BitFenix Video Challenge is your one-way ticket to a kick-ass gaming rig!

Entering the contest is easy. Just create a gaming-related video and send us the link!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

* A collection of your best frags
* Video mashup of different games
* A profile of your in-game avatar
* A gaming strategy video
* Your favorite gaming moment caught on film
* A trailer for BitFenix

You can find pictures, logos, and other materials on the BitFenix website to help you along. Upload your masterpiece to YouTube.com and send us the link by June 1st, 2010. It's that easy!

For a full list of contest rules, visit the official BitFenix website: http://www.bitfenix.com.

Once all the submissions are in, visitors can come to the BitFenix website and vote for their favorite video. The videos with the most votes will then be handed off to a panel of judges to determine the winners.

The BitFenix Video Challenge is your chance to win an incredible gaming rig featuring a GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4 Motherboard, 4GB of GeIL DDR3 Gaming EVO ONE 1600MHz C9 Dual Channel Memory, and of course, Colossus - BitFenix’s very first gaming chassis! More news about Colossus will be revealed in May.

Here is the full list of amazing prizes to be won:
1st Place – BitFenix Gaming PC

(Valued at ~$1,000 USD)
2nd Place – GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4 Motherboard
3rd Place - GeIL DDR3 Gaming EVO ONE 1600MHz C9 4GB Dual Channel Kit

Not skilled at creating video? Not to worry. We will also be giving away prizes to those who are casting votes on the BitFenix website. The more videos you vote on, the bigger your chances are to win. To vote, simply register for a free account on BitFenix.com. Signup takes 2 minutes and then you will be able to vote and win! We will have three lucky draw prizes for voters, and here they are:
1 x BitFenix Colossus Gaming Chassis 2 x GeIL DDR3 Gaming EVO ONE 1600MHz C9 4GB Dual Channel Kit

"We live off the feedback and suggestions of the gaming and hardware communities, and this is our way of showing off just what their creativity can produce. We are excited to see which videos best show the BitFenix spirit!" says David Jarlestedt, BitFenix Product Manager.

The GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4 motherboard delivers amazingly fast data transfer via GIGABYTE 333 onboard acceleration technologies. Featuring the world’s first USB 3.0 logo certified host controller from NEC Electronics (part number: uPD720200), the P55A-series allows users to take advantage of super fast USB transfer rates of up to 5Gbps, delivering 10x faster data transfer compared to USB 2.0. It also features a GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 3 design that boasts outstanding quality components in the form of a 2x copper PCB, Japanese solid capacitors, Ferrite core chokes and Low RDS (on) MOSFETs - quality components make quality motherboards!

"We’re looking forward to seeing some really creative videos that reflect the innovation and quality that GIGABYTE motherboards are known for," commented Tim Handley, Deputy Director of Motherboard Marketing at GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd.

Designed for the P55 Chipset, GeIL launches the all new DDR3 Gaming Series EVO ONE Dual Channel Kit to the performance DDR3 memory module lineup. DDR3 is the next-generation memory for personal computing, servers and other computing applications. It is now the highest performing memory with official data transfer rate that doubles the speed of the DDR2 architecture with much lower power consumption.

"Over the years, GeIL memory and products have always been a huge fan and participant of the great gaming communities worldwide. Today we give our warmest welcome to a soulful gaming partner – BitFenix. GeIL is honored to be able to participate in the first BitFenix contest and we can’t wait to see what videos you enthusiasts come up with for the BitFenix Video Challenge!" said Hank Cheng, GeIL Marketing Manager.