Win a copy of ArmA II:Combined Operations

by: Chuck -
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We've got two copies of ArmA II: Combined Operations (PC) to give away this week. John and I strugged to come up with an easy way to give these copies away as coming up with good contests is always hard. John's suggestion was dividing people who wanted to win into two groups and then throwing each group in a pit with one knife then giving the lone surivor out of each pit a copy Legal issues aside that seemed like a bad idea (plus it's hard to find big pits here in Ohio and I'm certainly not going to dig one let alone two).

Instead we'll make it a bit easier as all you have to do is leave a comment on this post as to why we should give you a copy of the game. The trick is that you will need to incorporate the nick names of four military vehicles into your story without it being overly forced. The stories need to be PG (so no using Hummer in a bad way). We'll close the contest on Thursday and announce the winners on Friday.

The contest is only open to people in the US because I'm too cheap to mail it internationally.

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