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Win a Mongoose ATV for doing the Dew

by: Chad -
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Caffeine addicts who are also Halo fans are going to love this contest.  As part of the Honor the Code promotion, Mountain Dew is going to be giving away two replicas of the Halo: Reach Mongoose ATV.  It's not just for looks either; this is a fully functioning, life size ATV.  Take a look at the pictures of it at the bottom of this post.

Here's what I immediately thought:
  1. This thing looks awesome. I want one and I don't have a use for it.
  2. You'd surely win that "mine is better" contest with your friends.  
The first ATV will be given away tomorrow and the second will be won on November 22.  Get to consuming the specially marked Halo: Reach Mountain Dew and Doritos for your chance to win. Then enter the codes over at the official site.

To celebrate the release of “Halo: Reach”, Mountain Dew is giving the Lone Wolves a chance to drive away into the sunset on a life-size, working replica “Halo: Reach” Mongoose ATV. Through the popular Honor the Code promotion, Mountain Dew will give away the first of two custom-made ATVs on November 18. The second ATV will be given away on November 22.

For a chance to win a “Halo: Reach” Mongoose ATV from Mountain Dew, enter the codes found on specially marked “Halo: Reach” Mountain Dew and Doritos products at www.honorthecode.com. Or visit www.honorthecode.com for a free code and a chance to win one of these unique vehicles.

Attached are images of the “Halo: Reach” Mongoose ATV.

Although there are only two ATVs available, loyal “Halo: Reach” and DEW fans can win other cool prizes including an Xbox console, a controller and the “Halo: Reach” video game at www.honorthecode.com.

Please let your readers know about this amazing opportunity to win one of these ATVs and to be a part of one of the biggest gaming phenomena of the 21st century through the “Halo: Reach” Honor the Code promotion by Mountain Dew.