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I don't know about you, but my Wendy's Frosty Float purchases are cutting into my Nintendo Wii fund.  I'll never get my hands on that highly-coveted gaming console.  But wait!  Wendy's cool float is collaborating with Nintendo in creating a contest to win a hot new Wii?  Dave Thomas be praised!  Now when I go into a Wendy's and order a Vanilla Frosty Float, my cup lid has a chance of snagging me one of 800 Wii systems, 800 Wii games, or 800 Wii Points cards that can be redeemed on the Wii Shop Channel.  Ahh, 90 minutes of Wii Sports boxing can finally work off all those calories from my Frosty Float.
                      HOT Wii GAME SYSTEM FROM NINTENDO
    DUBLIN, OHIO, May 21, 2007 - Just when you think the Frosty(TM) can't get
any better, Wendy's(R) introduces the Vanilla Frosty Float.  This new twist on
a dessert favorite combines the rich and creamy Frosty with each customer's
choice of soft drink.  As part of the launch, consumers will have a chance to
win one of 800 hot Wii(TM) video game systems from Nintendo.
    "Wendy's and Nintendo are dedicated to creating fun, shared experiences
for families," said Wendy's Chief Marketing Officer Ian Rowden.  "We're
thrilled that in connection with our newest menu innovation -- the Vanilla
Frosty Float -- we're giving consumers an opportunity to win one of the most
coveted game systems in the marketplace today."
    Here's how the promotion works: Each Vanilla Frosty Float cup comes with a
special code that unlocks a chance to instantly win Wii prizes.  Consumers can
enter the code at to win one of 800 Wii systems, 800 Wii
games or 800 Wii Points(TM) cards that can be redeemed to download classic
games from the Wii Shop Channel.  Every Vanilla Frosty Float cup provides
another chance to win.
    "Both Nintendo and Wendy's know the value of offering customers new ways
to bring the family together," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's
senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications.  "This is an
important partnership for us.  Wendy's and Wii are enjoyed by every member of
the family."
    When selecting a Vanilla Frosty Float, customers can choose from
traditional favorites like Coca-Cola(R) and Barq's root beer or other soft
drinks.  The 20-ounce Frosty Float has a suggested retail price of $1.99.  It
follows the successful launch of the Vanilla Frosty in 2006, which has
accounted for approximately 40 percent of all Frosty orders.
    The Frosty Float introduction and Wii promotion will be actively supported
through in-store merchandising as well as national advertising.  The
advertising illustrates how it's right to go for the smooth and creamy taste
of the Float.  The promotion will continue through June 30.
    Wii is the new home video game system from Nintendo that has
revolutionized how people play video games.  The motion-sensitive Wii
Remote(TM) brings a whole new dimension to video games, and has taken the
industry in a completely new direction.  With great games like Wii Sports(TM),
The Legend of Zelda(R): Twilight Princess and Super Paper Mario(TM), and fun
informational services like the Photo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel
and Internet Channel, Wii offers something for everyone in the household.
AND OLDER. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.  Instant Win Game ends 7/31/07.  For rules,
alternate entry, and complete details, visit
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