Wil Wheaton to be part of cast for Broken Age

by: Dan -
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One of the gaming industry’s biggest supporters in Hollywood will find himself smack dab in the middle of Double Fine’s Broken Age game when it finally releases. Although the majority of the voice cast was announced back in September, Double Fine saved some for today, announcing a few more actors (including Alex Riopulous – CEO of Harmonix) with Wil Wheaton being the big surprise. Wil will be playing Curtis the Lumberjack, who boards himself into his house because he is afraid the trees are after him. Take a look at the Curtis image below (he is the one in the red flannel) as well as the video showing Wil doing some work on set and having discussions with Tim Schafer. Also, at the :36 mark, Wil asks “who did you record this morning?” and is met with the answer of “I…it’ll be announced on the 7th and we can’t talk about it.” So more yet to come on the cast tomorrow night during the VGX as well as a demo of the game….

Today’s announced cast members:

  • Masasa Moyo – Vella
  • Ginny Wescott – Dead Eye Dawn (Nurse Edna DOTT)
  • Nicki Rapp – Dead Eye Courtney (Lili – Psychonauts)
  • Alex Riopulous – Alex (CEO of Harmonix)
  • Whil Wheaton – Curtis the Lumberjack
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