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Game Factory continues their tradition of licensed children's games.  Their first Wii project will be based on the show Legend of the Dragon, and will be in the fighting game genre.  It sounds like it will recreate elements of the TV series faithfully, but the press release makes no mention of how the controller will be utilized.  I'll keep my eyes on this one, because I need a fighting game to hold me over until Smash Bros. Brawl.



The Game Factory announces Legend of the Dragon for WiiTM



SANTA MONICA, Calif. (January 03, 2007): The Game Factory today announces it is publishing the forthcoming 3D fighting title, Legend of the Dragon, for Nintendo’s WiiTM  system. The game is due for release in Q2 2007.


Legend of the Dragon for Nintendo WiiTM will be the publisher’s first release for the recently-launched next-generation video game system, based on the hugely popular Children’s TV show currently airing on JETIX.


“We are thrilled to be publishing for the WiiTM,” said Henrik Mathiasen, Game Factory’s President. “While the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 next-gen consoles have really captured the imagination of the more mature gamer, at Game Factory we’re really excited about the potential impact WiiTM will have on the children’s market, as this is obviously our forte.”


Allen Bohbot, BKN’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “we have been thrilled with the success of Legend of the Dragon’s first series on Jetix this year and The Game Factory has proved to be master at translating the action, drama and excitement of Legend of the Dragon into brilliant videogames, and the WiiTM version will take this to the next level”


The Legend of the Dragon story begins against the backdrop of China’s sacred temples and just as a new Golden Dragon is selected. The Golden Dragon is the honourable title given to the chosen warrior set to fight the evil Zodiac Master, Woo Yin.


Each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs has its own temple protected by a guardian; all guardians have individual powers unique to their zodiac symbol to help them defend their temple. The Zodiac Master – Woo Yin - plans to capture these powers; with them he will be unstoppable in his fight for the dark side to reign over China.



Legend of the Dragon/ WiiTM


Ang Leung has been chosen as the new Golden Dragon over his twin sister Ling, but the surprise and humiliation of this decision is too much for Ling and she quickly defects to the dark side. In her new position as the Shadow Dragon, she will fight against her brother and old friends in a bid for revenge.


Gamers can choose to play as one of 19 characters, each with unique fighting techniques, strengths and movements.  All characters wear magical wristbands that enable them to transform into mystical warriors. Once transformed, each character takes on the exact likenesses and superhuman powers of the zodiac creature they represent. An innovative real time spell casting system enhances the classic experience of a fighting arcade style of gameplay in addition to blending RPG elements through various available power-ups.


The videogame captures not only the compelling story of the cartoon series by using cell shading technology but also dramatic fighting scenes that will grip any gamer. It also mirrors a variety of locations from the cartoon series, using them as destructible combat areas, including Hong Kong Bay, The Dragon Dojo and The Great Wall of China.




About BKN International A.G.

BKN International A.G. is a global animation company engaged in the distribution and marketing of animated children's television programs and the marketing of related consumer products (licensing and merchandising) in all forms. BKN has worked on numerous successful animation projects. The Company is currently listed on the Deutsche Bourse and AIM and it operates all over the world. BKN has successfully negotiated distribution deals in over 95 countries and territories in the children's programming market.


About The Game Factory:

The Game Factory is an international publisher of video and computer games based on leading international children’s characters. The Game Factory is a subsidiary of K.E. Mathiasen Group A/S, one of the largest children’s products companies in Northern Europe.

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