Wii being redesigned for a new sku in Europe

by: Jeremy -
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Although the product has only been announced for the European region, Nintendo has revealed a redesigned Nintendo Wii console which will launch this Fall overseas. In a move that I consider to be very strange, Nintendo has more than just redesigned the physical look of the console, but also cut out some major features of the original system.

The new Wii console is slightly slimmer than the original and is only intended to be set horizontally when it is set-up. There is no more sitting the system verticially, with or without the previously included stand. Perhaps the biggest design decision in the new sku is the removal of any and all Gamecube software and hardware support. No more slots for Gamecube controllers or memory cards and no more backwards compatability with Gamecube software.

The system will ship with both Wii Party and Wii Sports included in the box but only one Wiimote and nunchuck. I really feel that Nintendo is missing the point here and really doing their selves a disservice. First off, the Gamecube support is a function that I think will be sorely missed as many gamers utilized the controller ports for some of the more popular titles such as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Monster Hunter Tri. Secondly, why offer a hardware bundle which focuses on multiplayer games (which are packed in) if you are not going to include a second controller? Come on Nintendo...

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
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