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The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recently gave Nintendo another Emmy award.  Last year they got it for the D pad, and this year the Wii and DS brought home the gold.  This is the second year in a row that Nintendo won an Emmy, and I have to wonder why.  It's not like the Wii has a true killer app yet, mostly tech demos and traditional games that use the controller really well (Metroid Prime 3).  Trauma Center comes to mind, but it isn't a first party Nintendo game.  The epic sales numbers might have something to do with it, but really, if the Wii wasn't raking in so much cash but still being innovative, would it have gotten two Emmys?  Maybe they're anticipating Wii Fit, which will no doubt be a big hit with the casuals.
Jan. 8, 2008

Did You Know? Remarkable Wii and Nintendo DS Controls Earn Nintendo a Second
Emmy Award

For the second year in a row, the National Academy of Television Arts &
Sciences has honored Nintendo with an Emmy® Award for excellence in
engineering creativity. The groundbreaking Wii™ system was recognized for its
innovative motion-sensing controls, which have attracted a broad range of
nontraditional gamers and veteran players alike. The award also recognized
Nintendo DS™ for its pioneering touch-screen control scheme and distinctive
dual-screen display, both of which helped to make it the nation's top-selling
game system of 2007.

Presented in Las Vegas at the annual Technological & Engineering Emmy Awards
on Jan. 7, these latest honors set the stage for even more exciting control
innovations from Nintendo in 2008. A forthcoming Mario Kart™ racing game for
Wii will be packaged with a wireless Wii Wheel™, while the hotly anticipated
Wii Fit™ will keep players more active than ever with the extraordinary Wii
Balance Board.

"The pioneering interfaces for Wii and Nintendo DS reflect our long tradition
of seeking new ways to enhance the gaming experience for users at every
level," said Don James, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of
operations. "We're grateful for this award and thank the academy for honoring
us a second time."

Nintendo previously received an Emmy in 2007 for its invention of the plus-
shaped D-pad, which radically changed how people interact with their video
games and, by extension, their televisions. For more information about
Nintendo, please visit www.Nintendo.com
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