Why is this news? FF XIII 360 ships on 3 discs

by: Jeremy -
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 Seriously, why is this even a topic of conversation in the gaming industry?  Is anyone really surprised that Square Enix's Xbox 360 version of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII will require multiple discs?  It is basic math that numerous DVD's will be required in order to provide the same amount of content included on the original Blu-ray package.  I have never fully understood the arguments that people make complaining about the use of multiple discs for a game; it isn't as if you are switching them constantly on the fly.  Multiple disc games require you to change discs maybe every 15-20 hours, which is no different than throwing a new game into the system.  There have already been a few games for the Xbox 360 which have utilized multiple discs, namely Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.  Is there anyone out there in the GN readership that truly has an issue with multiple disc games?
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