Why didn’t Nintendo think of this? (Hungry Hungry Koopas)

by: Jeremy -
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The crew over at BitMob stumbled onto something pretty cool over the weekend. Although this is likely to be hit with a cease and desist letter at any moment, custom toy-artist Kodykoala has crafted what is one of the most ingenious toy modifications I have ever seen: Hungry Hungry Koopas.

The name says it all, this is the children’s classic Hungry Hungry Hippos with a Mario twist. Kodykoala has meticulously transformed each of the hippos on the original game board into member of Bowser’s Koopa clan! Even the board itself has been transformed to resemble one of Bowser’s castles, complete with lava.

This custom creation currently up on Koala’s personal website. While you can’t buy the actual game at this time, he is selling raffle tickets through October 31, 2012 to give the set away. Very cool and something that I am shocked Nintendo hasn’t done their selves in the past. We need more video-game themed board games in this world!

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