Who wants to go back to River City?

by: Russell -
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If you have an NES lying around, chances are you've heard of River City Ransom, one of the best games the platform had to offer.  Who can forget running around to different turfs, taking out various members of different gangs, and going into shops to by food that would heal you and increase your stats?  If you remember those days, you might be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign that recently launched.

Over two years ago we posted that a new River City Ransom game was in the works: River City Ransom 2.  Sadly I've not kept up on that as much as I should have (being the NES freak that I am).  However, a Canada-based company called Conatus Creative have officially acquired the license to make a sequel to River City Ransom called River City Ransom: Underground.  I'm not sure if this is what River City Ransom 2 was going to be or an entirely different game altogether.  However since it is an officially licensed game, this will be an official sequel to the NES original and cannon to it as well.  It will still feature 8-bit sprites, music, and palette limitations, but in a 2.5D world.  The team has assured that everything you love from the NES classic will be in Underground, so no need to worry there.

At the time of this post the official Kickstarter for the game has about $42,300 of their goal of $180,000 with twenty-six days left to go.  The video talks about the game as well as some of the features, including four player co-op.  Check out the video for more info.
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