Who needs virtual dogs? Sega wants you to have a physical one...

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While Nintendog’s may be all the craze, or at least were, Sega wants to take the concept of a virtual pet a step further with the Wappy Dog. Sure, robotic dogs aren’t anything new, but this one makes use of your Nintendo DS(i).

The Wappy Dog is a new robotic dog toy from Sega Toys. While the little guy can interact with you one on one using voice commands and various sounds, he can also interact with a corresponding Nintendo DS game being released alongside him / her. The mechanical canine receives its signals via sound, emitted by both the user and the DS game. Depending on the sounds given off, the dog will follow various commands.

If you are going on the road and can’t exactly take a little metallic canine with you, users will have the ability to transfer their Wappy’s “persinality” over to the game and interact with a digital version of the pooch. The software will also provide players with the opportunity to play numerous games with Wappy, or whatever you choose to name it; the game allows you to teach the dog its name and it will then respond accordingly after you decide on its namesake.

Both Wappy Dog and his accompanying software are expected to launch this fall thanks to publishing by Activision. If this thing turns out to be as cool as it sounds, this could be one of the big toys of the next holiday season...

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