Who are the Heroes del Ring?

by: Jeremy -
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A new contender for the wrestling-video game crowd will emerge this October, with Konami’s Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring. The game will focus on the big names from Mexico’s Lucha Libre rather than the more commonly known WWE / TNA licenses. Konami has released the full line-up of characters included in the game.

The full roster was revealed by 1up and varies slightly between the PS3/360 version(s) and the Nintendo Wii version. Check it out:
  • Abismo Negro
  • Alan Stone
  • Apacha
  • Charly Manson
  • Chessman
  • Cibernetico
  • Dark Cuervo
  • Dark Ozz
  • Dark Scoria
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. (PS3 / 360 only)
  • El Brazo
  • El Elegido
  • El Mesias
  • El Zorro
  • Electroshock
  • Faby Apache (Wii only)
  • Gronda
  • Jack Evans (PS3 / 360 only)
  • Kenzo Susuky
  • Killer Clown
  • Konnan
  • La Fresa (Wii only)
  • La Parka
  • Marco Corleone (PS3 / 360 only)
  • Mary Apache (Wii only)
  • Octagon
  • Psicosis
  • Psycho Clown
  • Silver King (PS3 / 360 only)
  • Spectro Jr. (PS3 / 360 only)
  • Super Fly
  • Tiffany (Wii only)
  • Vampiro Canadiense
  • Xtreme Tiger (PS3 / 360 only)
  • Zombie Clown
I recognize a few of those names from the old WCW Monday Nitro days. It will be fun to play as them again, especially La Parka! 

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