While you were busy watching the Rose Bowl

by: Chuck -
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Since most of you were watching the Rose Bowl I went ahead and took some notes during the Xbox 360 part of Microsoft's CES presentation
- Added new (third)chip producer to help crank out more Xbox 360’s.  I missed the name.

- There have already been 4 million  Xbox Live downloads (games, trailers, etc).  This is cool considering the device has been on the market less than 3 months and given the number of units available.

-Making big deal about trailers online on XBL Marketplace and how they are getting exclusives from movie companies (Paramount - Mission Impossible 3)

- By March – 20 games on XBL Arcade adding Street Fighter 2 (w00t) and Texas Hold ‘em  a sponsored game (wonder if you’ll be able to gamble with your XBL credits).  He mentioned another one but I missed it.

- Later this year on the HD-DVD drive, get the feeling from the speech it will be later this year (no pics of the device at the presentation.  Guessing we'll see it at E3)

- Xbox 360 is driving HDTV Sales (9/10 360 owners own or will will purchase a HDTV – 360 is the primary reason for 90% of them).  I'm an example of this so makes sense to me.

- By June there will be 50 Xbox 360 games out in the market

- Showed off Fight Night Round 3- (Demo out now on Xbox Live- get it, it's pretty good)

- Moore brought on Al Berstein (Boxing commentator)  to talk about the game, then had Bill Gates(Ali) fight Steve Ballmer  (Frashier) in the game.  Ballmer hasn’t taken his meds and is bouncing off the walls.  Gates wins the fights but it kind of feels pre-recorded.  Ballmer throws down controller and starts screeching, technicians come on stage and hit him with a tranquilizer dart and then put him back in his cage (OK, I made the last part up)

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