Where's my free MechWarrior 4?

by: John -
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Evidently, soon doesn't mean within five months. Remember back in July when Smith & Tinker announced that we would be getting MechWarrior 4 and all the expansions pack for free? They even said it was coming soon as well. Well, flash forward about five months later and there's not a peep about it. I know that the folks ran into a little legal trouble with their next MechWarrior offering but that shouldn't have affected the release of MechWarrior 4.

I had almost forgotten about this until I thought about my flight stick and foot pedal setup and how it would be cool if I could play a Mechwarrior game. Well, then a little light went off in my head remembering about the announcement for the free Mechwarrior 4 game. Hope over to the website and there's nothing there. So, what's the word Smith & Tinker? You guys said soon. What do you guys consider soon?

-Update- The last entry I could find was for August 15th citing legal items as well as trying to finish up some programming. Perhaps the announcement was made prematurely and the folks responsible for getting it out just wasn't ready? Sure sounds like it.

-Update- GeminiAce was kind enough to point me to the link showing that it's all in Microsoft's court now. Com'on MS, meet and release this puppy.

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